Web Development & SEO

Design and content creation

With over 13 years experience in this area, we can manage every stage of complex web development projects from consultancy and analysis to design, development, programming, content creation, search marketing, hosting and on-going content maintenance and support.

​We often manage the content for our client’s websites alongside their social media channels and e-marketing activities.

Web content

Web content should be concise, objective, punchy and scannable. Our creative team can prepare digestible copy that contains your key messages in a format which your website visitors can absorb quickly and easily.

Easy to consume web content should be:

Concise – Research has found that reading from computer screens is about 25% slower than reading from paper and a lot more demanding on the eye. As a rule-of-thumb, content which is intended to be read on paper should be reduced by approximately 50% for the web.

Punchy – You only have a few seconds to grab visitors’ attention before they click away. Information needs to be ordered correctly in terms of importance to the reader. We use a journalistic style of copywriting in which key messages are communicated in the first paragraph.

Objective – Online readers want the cold, hard facts served-up in a digestible format. Our independent view of your organisation enables us to prepare content which focuses on the attributes that matter most to your customers.

Scannable – Users tend not to read streams of text fully but scan keywords, sentences, and paragraphs of interest while skipping over those parts of the text they care less about. We will format your content using short paragraphs, headings/sub-headings, highlighted text and bullet points.

Accessible – We can implement the 14 guidelines whilst building the site to ensure that your website is universally accessible, legally compliant and able to display the W3C logo.

Web development

Our multi-disciplined team will implement the creative ideas into a build and develop the functionality you require. We will select the most appropriate technologies to develop the site depending upon the features it requires.


We can take on the task of improving your search engine rankings for your company based on your requirements. This would include a regular review of the success of this work to make adjustments as required to ensure you are getting the best value for your budget and maximise your brand awareness.


Not only can we increase visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results we can also set up adword campaigns on your behalf. This work is carefully monitored along with your google analytics to ensure the adverts are working to your objectives and targets.

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