Managing email campaigns

We can manage your email marketing campaign either as a one-off initiative or as part of an integrated programme.

Our creative team can identify the theme, devise the messaging and prepare the content including an eye-catching graphical interface that will grab the recipients’ attention. We can also help profile the target audience, source mailing lists and help select the most appropriate systems to distribute and track the email traffic.

e-newsletters are an effective and efficient way of building relationships and credibility by communicating with and educating your existing customers, prospects, suppliers and other stakeholders.

The benefits of sending e-newsletters

  • A professional/engaging/colour interface stimulates the recipient to ‘read-on’
  • No production/print costs;
  • Flexibility to distribute as/when you wish;
  • It can drive traffic to specific destinations e.g. your website

Our services

  • Design of html-newsletter templates
  • Copywriting and collation of content
  • Easy-to-use admin system to allow you to add textual and graphical content
  • Contacts database
  • Advanced functionality e.g. bounce-handling, click-through tracking etc.

Our work

View the latest issues of e-newsletters we manage for our clients below (click to view):

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