Developing new business

We understand that developing personal relationships is fundamental to winning business in the construction industry. Our knowledge of the construction industry and the procurement process enables us to help our clients to develop new business by introducing them to prospective customers.

We have a wealth of experience and resources which we draw upon to create innovative, effective campaigns to promote our clients to their target audience.

How it works

  • We identify and develop a key attribute about your company to promote
  • We locate a target market or sector that values/requires this feature
  • We identify key contacts within this target audience and using the most effective media (e.g. web, email, telephone, post, networking etc.) communicate the offer
  • We follow-up with view to setting-up a meeting where we can introduce you to them (at which point we typically depart stage left and leave you to close the sale)

Structured success

We won’t promise you instant success – no-one can. However, our structured, systematic approach lends itself to generating lasting business relationships that can form the basis of your company’s future growth.

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