Promotional Videos

Raising brand awareness

Videos are a great way to educate, inform and raise awareness about your brand. A high quality video doesn’t have to be extremely costly but one with clear and concise content, interesting facts and engaging visuals will greatly increase audience numbers and engagement and ultimately boost your credibility.

Promotional videos hold the attention of viewers far better than text. While three-quarters of website visitors stay less than 30 seconds, a third will watch a video online to the very end, helping you to really get your message across effectively.

From start to finish

We can manage the entire process for you from identifying the key messages to copywriting the script, preparing storyboards, procuring a production company supervising the filming and managing the editing, post-production and approvals process.

We will also post your video to your company video sharing channel such as youtube, develop and implement a promotional strategy to increase downloads.

Our work

See recent examples of promotional videos we have prepared below (click to view):

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