Interactive Training Application

Handmade Marketing has devised and produced an educational tool to assist in the training of Falco’s field operatives. The application is called Falco Streetworks Safety Challenge which is an interactive multiple-choice online quiz.

Questions and information gleaned from the Dept of Transport’s Safety at Street Works & Road Works Code of Practice have been implemented into a database of question and answers to test the knowledge of safety and best practice when setting-up and undertaking works on or adjacent to UK highways.

A leaderboard based on time taken to answer 10 correct questions gives the application a competitive aspect designed to drive user interaction and repeat visits and ultimately continuously refresh and embed best streetworks practice into the company’s team of field operatives.

Handmade was instrumental in devising, designing and testing the application as well as researching and generating the Q&A data. The app is due to be launched in Feb 2023.